Tressa Tabares | Sole Sister Captain

Tressa is a College Professor and she’s been with Fit for Girls since its beginning in 2010, first as a Sole Sister, and currently serving as the Sole Sister Team Captain. Tressa runs and stays active in a variety of ways such as biking, hiking, yoga, and walking. 

Tressa is always up for trying new things and likes to spend time with friends, enjoying all the opportunities right here in Sacramento for good food and drink, culture, the arts, and sporting events. Also appreciating the solitude of having alone time to recharge, in her spare time she reads, reflects, and cooks delicious, healthy meals for she and her husband (who is also an accomplished runner). Says Tressa, “You don't know me until you know that I practiced Tae Kwon Do, a Korean martial art, in high school and college, earning a black belt, with my mom!”

Lately, I’ve found the mantra “I can do hard things” to be very helpful

I run because…

It makes me feel strong and capable of doing hard things.