Stephanie Papas | Board Secretary

Stephanie is an Education Policy advisor, a runner, and former middle-school teacher and principal. Stephanie also stays active by hiking, walking, and cycling. She recently started kayaking and stand up paddling, too. On a day off, you’ll find her on a run, out to breakfast, then hanging with her doodle, Ziggy. 

Stephanie began with Fit for Girls in 2018 as a Sole Sister finding Fit for Girls is where her worlds collide. As a former middle-school teacher and principal, she understands middle-school is a crucial time of life for many kids, especially girls. She loved teaching middle-school and she loves to run. Stephanie is delighted to have found the rare opportunity of serving two of her passions at the same time. For her, being part of Fit for Girls does just that.

Girls need Fit for Girls because no one EVER said their middle-school years were the best years of their lives.

I run because…

It centers me, and helps me prepare for the day ahead. It’s also something I can do alone or in a group, from home or when I travel. No equipment other than a good pair of shoes is needed.