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Peggy Graham | Board Member

Peggy is an Occupational Therapist, long-time runner, and she’s been with Fit for Girls since its beginning in 2010. Peggy enjoys running, however, on her day off she is at the beach or hiking with her husband. Family is paramount to Peggy. Fit for Girls is very important to her, too. 

Peggy was drawn to Fit for Girls because of its founder, Kellie Haynes, who she finds an inspiration, and because Peggy loves running and teaching. Peggy is committed to helping Fit for Girls continue moving forward because like her journey as a runner, being part of the Fit for Girls leadership team has taught her many lessons along the way. Peggy didn't start running until she was an adult, and she sees Fit for Girls is an opportunity for middle-school girls to learn those lessons and put them to use sooner rather than later.

Seeing yourself as an athlete is empowering.

I run because…

I like it; and it gives me time and space to think.