Nancy Nash | Executive Director

Nancy is a Personal Trainer and Fit For Girls’ Executive Director. Since 2016, she has filled the roles of Coach and Sole Sister, too. Nancy remembers what middle-school was like and she has a heart to serve this age group, empowering girls. On her days off, Nancy stays active outside, enjoying running, paddle boarding, kayaking, walking, and hiking. She is also an avid photographer who has fun playing with her dog. Indoors, she likes trying out new healthy recipes, and strength training at the gym. The beach, though, is Nancy’s true happy place. She loves sea life, snorkeling, diving and collects ocean themed jewelry.

Nancy knows middle-school girls need Fit for Girls because today's girls have so many challenges. In addition to developing mentally and physically, middle-school is now a time many girls are spending more time indoors with electronics. Plus the pressures surrounding social navigation and self-image are infinitely more complex and constant with the introduction of social media. Now more than ever, it is of paramount importance that girls feel they have a safe place to discuss the pressures they feel and be set with a skillset to empower them. Nancy believes the Fit for Girls program makes working out fun for girls of all ability levels, and she has seen first-hand how great the girls feel at the end of the workouts. Nancy’s dream is that it sets girls up to want to continue making movement a part of their life in the years to come.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a middle school girl leave our 9-week program as a more confident, intrinsically motivated version of herself.

I run because…

It makes me feel really good: like the most amazing, capable version of myself.