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What people are saying about Fit for Girls…

I have been a Physical Education teacher for 12 years and the one thing that concerned me most was how my girls would love to move as young children but seemed to stop trying as they got older. It seemed they were sensitive to the way others would perceive them if they excelled in physical activities. Since Kellie began Fit for Girls at our site, I have seen a change in the behavior of the girls who participated in the program. They seemed to possess more self confidence in movement and in their relationships outside of class. I have noticed a positive correlation between Fit for Girls and each participant’s overall fitness scores in class and on the FitnessGram test.

-Mike Gottardi, PE teacher at Bridgeway Island in West Sacramento


I wanted to say thank you for taking care of my girls and getting them in shape. I appreciate all of your time and efforts in training them to be fit and taking care of themselves. Also for sending them letters and making them feel a part of your team. I am sorry we did not get a chance to meet. The girls have told me so much about you and how you helped them. They will miss you.

Mary, a mother of two girls who participated in Fit for Girls


I like to be with everyone in Fit for Girls. It makes it fun and active with every one. It changed me by being active and staying fit.

-Dorian F (a 7th grader)


I wanted to tell you that it’s been a wonderful experience being part of Fit For Girls. You are so inspirational Kellie, you do a beautiful job and I am so impressed on how caring and supportive and lovely these young girls are. It’s an honor to be part of this.

-Genevieve Clavier, Sole Sister