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Why girls?

According to teamupforyouth.org, “Participation in high quality sports programs can increase a girl’s chances of growing up to be a successful, healthy adult, reduce her likelihood of obesity and depression, and decrease her chances of illegal drug use or unprotected sex.” Adolescent girls are less likely to participate in sports and be less physically active than boys. As a result, almost one in five girls between the ages of 5 and 17 in California are overweight. As these girls develop lifelong habits of health and fitness, they will grow up to be mothers, professionals, and/or advocates in their own families and communities. The experience and knowledge gained from participating in Fit for Girls will be passed on to the next generation of children.

What are “best practices” and how does FFG use them?

“Best practices” are those behaviors/policies characteristic of strong sports programs. Research shows that two “best practices” are: 1) focusing on one sport for at least 10 weeks, and 2) meaningful “show time” (e.g. soccer game, recital, 5K). Fit for Girls is a 12-week training program that focuses on the sport of running/walking. Our “show time” is the 5K event that each girl has the opportunity to complete. Additionally, to strengthen the habits begun during the initial training, we continue to meet with the girls following the 5K to help them answer the question, “What now?”

Is my daughter safe?

Every person who works with the girls is required to have a background check. Additionally, our coach is CPR and first aid certified.

Are the lessons standards based?

Every lesson is driven by an objective based on the National Health Education Content Standards and involves one or more of the ten content areas of health developed by Meeks and Heit.

How can I help?

The people who help make Fit for Girls happen are just as diverse as the girls themselves. We have a variety of ways to help that range from things that can be done at home to opportunities that allow you to interact with the community and/or girls. We have an application process for those interested in serving as a Sole Sister. We are extremely grateful for those who are able to make donations, financial and in kind. Your generous support goes directly to serving the girls.