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No more trash talking…about you!

One of my favorite songs is by Pink. We use the PG version of it in Fit for Girls. “You are Perfect” is such a great anthem for giving yourself permission to be you and love who are. A line in the lyrics really sticks with me every time I hear the song. It goes, “When you talk, about yourself, you were wrong, change those voices inside your head, make them like you instead.” Wow, Pink really nailed what goes […]

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grATTITUDE: 5 ways Fit for Girls does it

“Time for an attitude check?” was a question my own children heard with some regularity in their tween and teen years. It always came at the end of an upturned nose, rolled eyes, or ungrateful comment. From the classic Ebenezer Scrooge to Walt Kowalski in Gran Torino, the journey from grumpy to grateful is perpetual in our culture. Even the grumpy dump truck can learn to be nice in spite of all the heavy hauling he has to do in […]

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Great turn out at Fit For Girls 5K last weekend

Fifteen middle school girls from Riverbank K-8 School in West Sacramento ran their first 5k on Sunday, December 9 at WIlliam Land Park. Each girl partnered with a Sole Sister, an adult runner who helped the girls keep their pace and stay positive to finish the race. The girls were joined by more than 200 runners. Without these dedicated runners, the girls wouldn’t have had the experience of a race to finish their season. The race we usually finish the […]

Fit for Girls 5k

A group of women come together to help middle school girls remember that they are unique, extraordinary and powerful.  Each week they support the girls by helping them train for a 5k and sharing lessons on nutrition, body image, goal setting, and what it means to be fit. They spend time with the girls, learning about their backgrounds, their struggles, their successes and hopes for the future. Each season, all of this hard work builds to that culminating event: the […]