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Our Mission

Fit for Girls empowers girls to experience success and cross finish lines of all kinds!

Our Vision

Fit for Girls exists to improve the overall health and well-being of adolescent girls. Within the context of physical fitness training, girls participate in lessons on a variety of topics such as nutrition, time management, and friendship. With this information and support, girls learn to make healthy choices, set goals, and overcome obstacles while training for a 5k race. Fit for Girls provides participants with the opportunity to use commitment and hard work to build confidence, learn resiliency skills, and experience success as they cross the first of many literal and figurative finish lines.

Our Statement of Values

Founded on the belief that all girls are entitled to a happy and healthy life, Fit for Girls is guided by the following values:

  • Girls are capable individuals.
  • Fitness and healthy living increase a girl’s quality of life.
  • Support from caring adults can bring about positive change.
  • Accomplishing goals fosters independence.
  • Membership in a community increases feelings of worth.
  • Equality for girls is a right.
  • All members in our diverse community deserve respect.
  • A quality program delivered with integrity is foundational.
  • Transformation is possible.