No more trash talking…about you!

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One of my favorite songs is by Pink. We use the PG version of it in Fit for Girls. “You are Perfect” is such a great anthem for giving yourself permission to be you and love who are.

A line in the lyrics really sticks with me every time I hear the song. It goes, “When you talk, about yourself, you were wrong, change those voices inside your head, make them like you instead.” Wow, Pink really nailed what goes on in our heads a lot of the time. We say things to ourselves like, “I’m too fat.” “I’m too ugly.” “I’m too quiet” or “I’m too loud.” It’s like Papa and Mama bear all over again…nothing is ever just right.

These things we say to ourselves are called negative self-talk. The problem: negative self-talk really has a strong impact on you. If you tell yourself you’ll never be fit, your likely to never be fit.

On the flip side, positive self-talk can be a good thing. We human beings have a tendency to believe the things we tell ourselves and act on them.

So, let’s make a pact: no negative self-talk for a week.

When you start to hear those voices inside your head telling you that you are just not right enough, here are some tips from the experts:

Tip #1Don’t say anything to yourself you wouldn’t say to your best friend – Caroline Zwick suggests that when a negative thought about you comes to mind, ask, “Would I say that to ________?” I’ll bet the answer is, “No!” Defend yourself just like you would if someone was talking trash about your best friend.

Tip #2Be thankful – Charlene Proctor says that when you are thankful for the good things about you and in your life, you change your whole focus and more good stuff will start coming your way!

Tip #3Reflect on your day – Dr. Eric Maisel, says to think back over the day. How did you treat yourself? Did you do some bad mouthing about you? Nobody deserves to be bad-mouthed, you included! Don’t beat yourself up about it – just make a plan to stick up for yourself the next time.

Let’s start by doing something fun! Create a wordle with all positive words that describe you. Take a look at mine in the picture above. Click here to go to the wordle maker. In the box that says, “Paste in a bunch of text,” type your name and positive things about you, you must have at least 10. Having trouble thinking? Go ask a parent or your best friend for ideas. Click go, and bam, you have a wordle with all the wonderful things that make you fabulous.

Remember, no negative self-talk for a week. We can do it, and if we slip up, that’s okay, we’ll just decide to do better tomorrow!

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