Fit for Girls 5k

Savannah and her Sole Sister at a recent workout

A group of women come together to help middle school girls remember that they are unique, extraordinary and powerful.  Each week they support the girls by helping them train for a 5k and sharing lessons on nutrition, body image, goal setting, and what it means to be fit. They spend time with the girls, learning about their backgrounds, their struggles, their successes and hopes for the future. Each season, all of this hard work builds to that culminating event: the meaningful showtime that research says is so important, that first 5k.

But when the 5k that this season’s girls have been training for is cancelled, what does that group of women do?

They decide it’s time to model for those girls what they’ve been teaching them all season. That’s why we have created the Invitational Fit for Girls 5k.

You have found your way to this page because someone considered you an advocate of fitness, healthy living and middle school girls.

Here’s our invitation to you to participate in the Fit for Girls 5k:

Date: Sunday, December 9, 2012 @ 9:00 a.m.

Where: William Land Park @ the corner of Sutterville Road and Freeport Blvd.

Cost: Just $15 – at this price, we couldn’t include a t-shirt, but if you register before Sunday, December 2, you can order one for $10.

How to register: Just click here to get to our registration page.

Thank you for registering and providing the girls with a memorable experience.

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